So you’re one of those people who not only can’t get enough hacking of your out of the box devices, but you can’t wait to get the official hacks as well! You are just nuts, I be you also decided to read the scripts for the Star Wars prequels before they came out in theaters. ClockworkMod scolds you! In a pair of tweets tweeted late last night, the crew warned everyone that downloading 3.0 recovery from anywhere other than ROM manager, you’ll be working with a version that doesn’t play well with ROM manager. Imagine that!

ClockworkMod’s Twitter account went on to say that Official 3.0 recoveries would be released for all eligible devices when their team nears an RC for ClockworkMod version 7. Hooray! But when is that? Hopefully not TOO far away, gosh, the real Android 2.x.etc will be out before you know it, then they’ll have to make another, then another, oh the humanity!

[Via Twitter]


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