Select. Copy. Paste. How many times do you use those commands not just on your smartphones or tablets but also on computers? Some people even wish they could do those things in life but naaah, there’d be too much drama. Clipboard Actions is a new app that brings different actions to your clipboard so you can do more on your mobile device. The idea is that actions are shown as notification in the status bar so you don’t forget the things you need to share with your contacts or check for more information.

Clipboard Actions lets the user do many things with just a few clicks or swipe. Feel free to search copied text quickly on Google, open link in different browser, convert currency, share copied content, create QR codes, check definition, shorten links, or translate content written in a different language. If you need to know the location or where a place is in the map, you can just copy the address and go your preferred map app directly.

Communicating with the Clipboard Actions app is also made easier as the Call function lets you easily contact a copied number. It’s the same with sending an email, just copy an email address and quickly compose a message to send.

App will still need your permission to run at startup, access internet, or even just prevent phone from going into sleep mode. Such permissions must be given so the user can use the service and run at startup or in the background. As for the Internet, the app must be allowed to access other services and resources like dictionary, maps, or Google search.

Download Clipboard Actions from the Google Play Store