If you’re the type of mobile user who copy pastes (hopefully, not your homework) a lot of things between several apps, you probably lose some of the things you’ve previously copied and weren’t able to save where you needed to save it. What you need of course is a clipboard manager and new app Clip Stack wants to be able to help you with your clipping problem.

Calling itself a “tiny clipboard history manager app”, Clip Stack remembers everything you’ve copied to your clipboard, even after you’ve restarted. You can even search through all the stuff you’ve copied, edit the things you need to change, and then if you don’t need them anymore, you can just swipe them away into oblivion. And if you think you need to save your clipboard into a file, you can actually export it as a TXT file.

Your clipboard history will be shown to you as a notification and from there, you can switch between clips. Don’t worry, the clipboard will not be annoying as it will only show when you’ve copied a new set of text. All clips are of course shareable to most apps that have text, like social networks, email aaps, productivity apps, etc. In terms of design, it’s pretty clean and simple, as it follows the Material Design visual guidelines of Google.

The app is an open-source project and so it is absolutely free and with no ads to boot! You can download Clip Stack from the Google Play Store.