‘George of the Jungle Owie Owie’ is now a game on Android. Our favorite jungle hero is back but he’s in need of your help. If you’re from my generation, Brendan Fraser will probably come to mind immediately but he’s nowhere to be found here. In this game, you’ll be George being challenged to climb up higher than ever. Don’t stay at the bottom because you need to reach the end.

This is one hilarious game with the familiarly funny yet morbid ragdoll action. It’s bone-crushing but you know George is strong. He’s fit enough to jump up high and then fall into anything. He can handle himself but don’t let him go down that often in whatever world you’re in–the Waterfall, Jungle, Thicket, and one mystery level.

The game has more than 30 goals you can achieve. Still not entertained by George? Feel free to dress him up or watch the slo-mo of his recent actions. Some of the bugs that you can collect include the Steel boots, Sticky Boots, Tree Hugger, Locust Lottery, Bugshield, Jungle Jet, and Bug Bonus.

And oh, after this game, you might finally hear your child singing the catchy and iconic “George, George, George of the Jungle” theme song.

Download George of the Jungle Owie Owie from the Google Play Store