A month ago, Google listed the Power Support CLAW For Stadia Controller on Google Store. The $15 accessory for the Stadia is said to offer players more ergonomic and more comfortable gaming experience. It is a simple holder that supports the game device in a more balanced position. It is compatible with the Stadia Controller and other phone models. Clip the device to start enjoying game streaming for more comfortable and more convenient gameplay. There was no mention when Google will ship the accessory so we find it interesting that the Claw has started shipping from the manufacturer.

This may be good news to those who’ve been wanting to buy one but bad news for Google and those who already pre-ordered. We don’t think this is the replica but actually the same one sold on the Google Store. Check out Power Support to see for yourself.

A redditor shared a screenshot of the message he received from Power Support that says order has been updated. The product has shipped and is expected to be received anytime. The controller is described as the best way to play the Stadia gaming platform with the Stadia Controller and almost any phone starting with Pixel 3 and Pixel 4 series phones.

The accessory is lightweight and yet is balanced to hold the phone and controller properly. It won’t strain your wrists and will not cause the gamer any stress. The product is sold by Google on the Google Store which means it meets the tech giant’s standards. It’s certified by Power Support International.

We’re not sure if Google and Power Support has an agreement about putting the product in the market but the latter has started shipping orders of the CLAW for Stadia Controller. Let’s see how Google will take this news.


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