For those Classic 5 or Bejeweled fans we have an awesome and beautifully designed new puzzle game for Android to share with you all today. It’s called 7×7 and was just recently launched in the Google Play Store this week. Just like Classic 5 and other puzzle games it’s extremely easy to understand, but gets very addicting as you go along.

Just like Classic 5, Bejeweled, or many other similar puzzle games the idea is extremely simple. Match colors in horizontal, vertical or diagonal rows with as few turns strategically as possible to earn the most points. You’ll need to match 4 of any color in a row, and getting two rows at a time is bonus points. We all know the name of this game, but can you do it?

7×7 adds on this classic and awesome time-wasting game by having a beautiful touchscreen friendly user interface, and they’ve added a few unique spins to really make the game better than most. The developers added power-ups to save you from those sticky situations or moments where you weren’t thinking clearly. It’s all about strategy here folks! 7×7 has an “undo” power-up but don’t use em all or you’ll be sorry. Then they have a move anywhere power-up for when there’s no moves left. I happened to use them early and wish I saved a few.

Screen Shot 2013-02-02 at 11.58.41 AM

You get in-game achievements and high score alerts, and clearing a level will earn you another undo power-up. Again, I’d be saving those til things get hot and difficult later on. You never know when you’ll need a lifeline. The graphics are clean, the user interface is sharp and easy to understand, and overall it’s extremely polished and well made. If you’re looking for a well made and designed fun puzzle game to keep you entertained for hours — try 7×7 by Kiip Inc. Get this brand new puzzler for Android by clicking here.

— Cheers @WinDroidGuy