If you’ve already saturated yourself with too much Clash of Clans and yet still feel the urge to play something quite similar to it, you’d have to wait until the first week of March to do so. Supercell, the makers of that super addictive game, has just announced that they are launching the sort of spin-off game called Clash Royale, and it stars the Royales plus your favorite Clash characters as well. The global launch will be on March 7, and that includes the app for Android devices.

To be able to play and defeat your opponents, you need to collect and upgrade your cards that feature troops, spells, and defenses. The objective of the game is to knock the King and Princesses of your opponents from their towers. You’ll get their trophies and crowns as well when you defeat them. These opponents are fellow players from around the world and you’re playing them in real time.

You need to earn chests in order to unlock your just rewards and collect new cards, as well as upgrade the existing ones as well. Once you have all these cards, you need to construct your Battle Deck in order to defeat your opponents and make progress through the various arenas until you’ve become top dog. You also need to form clans so you have someone to swap cards with and create a battle community with. But you can also challenge your clanmates to private duels to earn more points.

Clash Royale will be coming to your devices by March 7. The developers are hoping to recreate the success of Clash of Clans with this new one. Let’s see if people are still hungry for that type of game.