Digital maps are very much useful but on mobile, most of them are accessible online. You need Internet connection to access and load data but there are ways to download them for offline navigation. Some providers are slowly moving to offline maps. One of the more popular ones aside from Google Maps and HERE is Citymaps.

Citymaps is free and it’s one of the most reliable city guides out there. It’s probably the best because you can find a lot of information right in one app. From the best places to shop, eat, or drink–everything is there on Citymaps. You can also check which places or tourist destinations to visit whenever you are in a new place.

There are about 100,000 city guides accessible on the app. There are tips for the local experts or frequent travellers. All the travel information you need are there. If you’ve only started planning your next trip, you can trust Citymaps to be your ultimate resource.

Maps are free and downloadable for future use. This way, you can access and get detailed information even when there’s no Internet. Once you’ve viewed an area you need, download it by going to the ‘Download Maps’ you’ll see in the toolbar, select the city or region, and then tap ‘Download’.

You can download the maps for about 100 regions but if the region or area you need is not included, you can simply request Citymaps for the maps you want for offline access.

Download Citymaps: Offline Travel Map from the Google Play Store


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