Cisco is prepping to release what looks to be their first Android tablet and it will be called the Cisco Cius. With the tablet market already getting pretty crowded with the Transformer, Xoom, Galaxy Tab and more on the way they have decided to take a different approach. They will be aiming for the Enterprise crowd with the Cius and will have apps specifically tailored for just that.

The design will be geared towards things like voice and video chat and have a few enterprise apps just for that. They plan to aim this completely at businesses and will be launching something they will call the AppHQ where users can find apps designed for business and enterprise. This leads us to believe it will not ship with Android Market access.

From what we are reading Cisco has revealed pricing for the Cius to be around $750 for now, although an introductory promotion could drop it down to $700. We don’t have much more regarding specs on this tablet but it is set to arrive July 31st so we should be hearing more soon.

[via SlashGear]


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