circa news app

How do you read the news? I used to use Google Reader but now that it’s done, I simply open my Facebook and read whatever is on my News Feed. Not a wise decision but most of my contacts like to share stuff so I just read whatever interesting stories catch my attention. But for those who really like to be informed of current events, there are many apps available on smartphones and tablets. One of the more popular news apps is Circa which was recently updated to include a new feature called Wire.

Circa now adds a new Area that comes with two new sections for people to enjoy. One shows updates to stories a reader is already following and another one, a personalized Daily Brief from the developer’s very own editorial staff. These two new features make reading news easier and quicker. A single glance on the screen will give you more information and updates on what’s happening in the world.

The Dynamic Daily Brief feature makes it easier for anyone to read news by being “briefed” on the important stories. The idea came from the fact that President Obama doesn’t read the news. Instead, he is briefed on stories that need his attention. It’s that simple. Why read a long story when you can get information in a few words.

The app also now comes with a Search feature. Look for stories that you’re interested in or would like to follow. For those who like to personalize almost anything, you can customize the main screen. With Wire, you can also turn on or off any topic or filter breaking news alerts. The updated app also now includes more ways to share. Highlight a text and it will automatically right a text in the message plus the link.

circa news app

And to complete the news-reading experiencing, the Circa teamed up with BT, a Grammy-nominated producer and songwriter, to come up woth new sounds for the app. Google named Circa one of the “Best Apps of 2013”. With this update, no doubt Circa will maintain its place in most Android devices.

Download the updated Circa from Google Play Store