Chrysler and Mopar have unveiled a new app for Chrysler branded vehicles that will provide owners of Chrysler cars with information on their vehicles. The app will offer access to Customer Care and 24-hour roadside assistance. It will also feature product demos and allow the owner to connect with other owners on the social media sites operated by Chrysler.

The coolest part about the app is that it will have general info about the vehicle with operation manuals, maintenance info, and warranty details. The app will hit Android first and then come to other platforms later.

“Chrysler’s tech-savvy customers appreciate the ability to simplify and manage their life on-the-go,” said Olivier Francois, Chrysler Brand CEO – Chrysler Group LLC. “These new apps from Mopar allow owners to easily access information about their vehicle as well as connect with other owners and enthusiasts via social media sites, saving time and organizing the information in one readily-accessible spot, available at their fingertips.”