Wireless charging is still something that hasn’t fully caught on in the mobile market. While the idea and technology is impressive, still being required to have a set destination for the device is where the problem is. While I wait for a truly wireless charging solution for my Android phone, Chrysler is bringing the current options to their 2013 line-up.

Essentially Chrysler will be bringing the Powermat to their cars. Allowing users to simply charge their smartphones or small tablets by placing them on the dedicated charging mat conveniently located in the car’s center console. The technology behind it will be slightly different, but the idea remains the same.

The image above we see an iDevice, but the announcement from Chrysler details that this technology and option will work with “a variety of smartphones” and be available in Q2 of this year starting with the all-new 2013 Dodge Dart. One key difference especially while in a moving vehicle is the device wont need to be aligned perfectly for charging to take place, just toss it on the mat and you’re good to go.

Would you be interested in wireless charging for your car or truck even if the starting price appears to be around $199 out of the gate? Not including the price for accessories or the required custom case or battery door?

[via SlashGear]