Just like that the brand new Google Chromecast device has received its first update. This afternoon the folks from Google have quickly (and quietly) announced that the Chromecast is getting an update starting today. Users will get it automatically, and they won’t need to do a thing to enjoy all the benefits.

So what are the benefits we’ll be enjoying with the latest update? According to the Chrome release notes the video and media casting dongle just got much more reliable. If you’ve been having issues with streaming and stuttering (we haven’t) this update should solve a few minor issues.

The changelog simple states the update is set to “improve performance, reliability and security” for the Chromecast, and that users will get it without any interaction with the device. Just like the streaming capabilities, it will update magically!

Google confirms that just like all updates, this will roll out over the course of the “next few days.” So you might not get it right away, but we’ve already received an update on our own device, so it looks to be rolling out to nearly everyone already. Hey look, Google Music got an update with better Chromecast support too. Things are heating up already. More info about what’s coming next is in the timeline below.