Google’s Chromecast streaming dongle has made its way across the pond. Those in the UK who are now interested in trying out the mobile-centric streaming device can get one via various UK retailers. Already selling like mad, some retailers are noting it as out of stock or available in-store only.

Curry’s currently lists the device as unavailable, while PC World has it available at the time we publish this. Various reports suggest that home delivery will be available from both sites in the near future, but as it stands we don’t see that available. Listed at £30, Curry’s was offering free shipping — which it seems was quite popular.

Though there are other streaming devices, none offer quite the same functionality as Chromecast. Not limited to Android, many apps on iOS also use the streaming device, making it a true cross-platform champ. The current lack of availability tells us it was highly anticipated and widely desired, and we hope to see the dongle back in the UK soon.

There’s no word on when it will come back, though. Stateside, we saw a pretty significant lull at retailers who carried the device once they sold out, but stock levels are now normal across the board. We hope the UK doesn’t see such a delay, and the Chromecast comes back in short order.