There are still issues with third-party apps releasing updates that add support for Chromecast streaming, but that doesn’t mean those developers cannot begin talking about future updates. We have seen chatter from a few developers up until this point and it looks like one more has come forward with a similar promise. The latest is Shifty Jelly who offer the Pocket Casts app.

Similar to how the Netflix and YouTube apps allow streaming to Chromecast, using Pocket Casts to send your video (and audio) podcasts to a bigger screen just seems to make perfect sense. The disappointing part here comes with the when. We have yet to see a timeline as to when these apps will begin updating in the Play Store and Shifty Jelly hasn’t been able to offer any estimate.

That being said, they have given the folks at AusDroid a sneak peek and they have said the app works well. More to that point, they have said that using Pocket Casts to stream to a Chromecast is as easy as pressing play. Needless to say, we wouldn’t expect it any other way given what we have already seen (and been using) in terms of streaming to a Chromecast.

Aside from a future update for Pocket Casts, we had recently seen some other Chromecast related coverage dealing with local media streaming. This topic came up as we saw Koush released an app that was later killed by a Chromecast update. Following up on that, Google made it clear that this support was coming, but talked about how it was still “early days” for the Google Cast SDK and they had released the developer preview for “early” development and testing only.

In the end, while we are now waiting for Pocket Casts specifically, we suspect plenty of similar updates will arrive once Google allows them.