Sling has made an announcement that will make fans of Chromecast devices very happy. According to Sling, the single most requested feature for the Slingbox M1, 350, and SlingTV/500 devices is support for Chromecast. The good news is that support is now here.

The Sling player app for Android smartphones now offers support for Chromecast. Android tablet support for Chromecast will be coming soon. Sling users will be able to click on the Sling button highlighted in the image below to shoot content over to Chromecast.


Support for Chromecast will also be integrated into the iPhone. As long as the Chromecast and the device running the Slingplayer app are on the same network, shooting content to the big screen is a button press away.

The Sling app supports other video streaming devices including those from Roku and the Apple TV. The Sling app is on Google Play now.