New Chromecast owners in the UK have something extra to be excited about, as Google is seeding special offers to them. For a limited (but undetermined) time, Chromecast owners who reside int he UK can visit Google’s Chromecast offers site and get £4.99 in Play Store credit.

Of course, Google is hoping you spend that on movies or TV to stream content, but you can use it however you like. As for the promo itself, it looks as though it is te first in a long line of special offers Google will be sending out to all of us. The UK Chromecast offer looks to simply be the first one to gently roll out, considering the site is location and language agnostic.

These offers likely won’t be UK only, either. Anyone can check the offers site (link in our ‘Source’ tag below), which checks the existing Chromecast devices on your WiFi network for offers. Once you agree to share your location, and which Chromecast device you’re inquiring about, offers are searched for. We’ve not found anything for the US yet, but we should all expect this to be the page where we’d find them in the future.

Of course, you’ll need to use a Chrome browser to search for the offers. The offers page casts to your desired Chromecast (it needs you to share the serial number), and that can only be done via Chrome. UK Chromecast owners should go get their fiver — the rest of us can just wait patiently.

Source: Google Chromecast Offers

Via: Liliputing