Today is a good day to be living in Malaysia and one of the reasons why is that Google announced that their video streaming dongle Chromecast is now officially available in their country. This means that users will now be available to stream their favorite videos from their Android devices (and also devices from other platforms) ontolarger screens through this “magical” device that has been available in a number of regions for some time now. It’s great news that it’s finally expanding their Asian market, with Malaysia becoming the first Southeast Asian country to have Chromecast availability.

The Chromecast device can be plugged into the HDMI port of your HDTV, or if you have a converter for other non-HDTV, non-HDMI TVs. It’s pretty easy to set-up and as soon as you’re ready to go, you can start streaming all your favorite videos onto the TV. There are a lot of supported apps, including YouTube, Viki (which is popular in Asian markets), Twitch, and Just Dance Now, among others. And if you’re a developer in Malaysia, you will be able to integrate your apps or websites into Chromecast through the software developer kit.


Streaming onto larger screens is a pretty great development in technology. Not all the videos, music, shows that you enjoy on your mobile devices can be fully appreciated on your small screens, and of course, sometimes, you need to share it with the whole family or with friends during a party. The plug and play nature of Chromecast makes that sharing easier.

The Chromecast is now available from selected Maxis stores in Malaysia, and by May 5, in all Maxis national stores. Price is at RM 170, so that’s around $47 in US dollars.

SOURCE: +Google