Alcatel is announcing their OneTouch Home V102 media streaming accessory. The dongle works much like the Chromecast before it, utilizing Miracast to bring your mobile screen to your big screen. It’s also competitively priced, meaning the Chromecast might have competition this summer.

Alcatel is proudly noting the device works with 5.1 channel surround sound, and can stream 1080p at 30fps. The device works with Android 4.2 and above, which is most Android devices on the market. Home V102 will work with any Miracast certified device, so make sure you have a compliant TV before rushing out for one.

Setup is simple, too. Plug it in to an AC outlet, hook it up to your HDMI port, and then set the WiFi connection. Alcatel isn’t yet saying how they plan to set the WifI connection for the dongle, as the Chromecast has an app specifically for that feature.

Home V102 will begin life in the EMEA region, and be shipping in Q2 2014. Like we hinted at earlier, it’s competitively priced at 49 euro, which brings it right into the Chromecast ballpark. Sadly, no US availability was announced, so we’re not sure if/when we’ll see this stateside.


  1. No charging through USB? That’s what I love about my Chromecast. I can plug it into the HDMI, and then use the USB to charge from a a port on my TV.

  2. “Home V102 will work with any Miracast certified device, so make sure you have a compliant TV before rushing out for one.”

    Doesn’t the dongle make the TV Miracast cabable? If your TV can already do Miracast, then why buy the dongle? It’s the Android device that you need to make sure is compatible.

  3. as the_maverick said, why does your TV need miracast? that defeats the purpose of this device lol chromecast shoots and scores again

  4. China is flooding the market with Mircast devices. What makes this one better than the others? The fact that they wrote a press release you could just regurgitate as “journalism”?

  5. Stupid writing. Chromecast is a standalone device capable of streaming it’s content on its on. It doesn’t do miracast. This just seems like a miracast dongle. Does nothing but shows whatever you stream to it from another device. Chromecast and this are nothing alike.


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