Google has introduced a new app which lets you control and access your Chromebook or Chromebox remotely from several other different platforms. While the Chrome Remote Desktop app allows you to remotely access another computer through your Chrome browser or Chromebook, the Google Chromebook Remote app gives you just the opposite – access to your Chromebook from a different computer. Although there might be some lag, these two pieces of software effectively connect every desktop computer you might have in your home and in any remote location.

Chromebooks limited space for traditional software functionality might be expanding just a tad bit. The remote app allows you to tap into your Chromebook or Chromebox using any Mac, Windows, or Linux computer that has Chrome installed – granting full access to files and apps.

This Chromebook Remote app is available exclusively to Chrome OS users that also work with the Chrome OS Developer channel. While Google’s Francois Beaufort confirms the existence of the Chromebook Remote app’s functionality, no official statement has been issued regarding the app’s advancement to Beta or Stable channels of Chrome OS. Note that once installed, the app doesn’t need to be switched on or off like other remote software to gain access.

Asking yourself why this app is even necessary is a good question. Having limited opportunity on a Chromebook is tough. Chromebook is growing with consumers interested in a cheaper alternative with limited functions, and Google has noticed the increase. With already a few comments in the Google store, some suggest specific improvements like multi window display or mouse clicking. We can only wait to see what improvements are to come.

VIA: Google