Backing up images using a Chromebook is now going to be a bit easier moving forward. The Google+ Photos app for Chromebooks has recently been updated. This update is available from the Chrome Web Store and adds the ability to automatically backup images — while the app is running in the background.

The Google+ Photos app works when you plug in a phone, camera or memory card. Basically, just plug in your device, or pop in your memory card and you’ll be able to have any images backed up to your Google+ account. The nice part is you are able to move onto other tasks while the backup is taking place.

And to clarify, any images that are being sent to your Google+ account will be for your eyes only. Well, that is until you choose to share them out. Once the images have been uploaded you will be able to share them on an individual basis, or as an entire album. You also have the ability to view your images while offline.

Other highlights for the Google+ Photos app include a progress bar showing the amount of photos that have been backed up, and the ability to pause (and later resume) the backup at any time. You will also get a notification when the backup has been completed.

Having said all that, Chromebook users can grab the updated Google+ Photos app using this Chrome Web Store link.

SOURCE: +GPhotos