When Google wants to experiment with things, they have several ways of playing around with it. They can roll out features to selected users or they can just go ahead and release said feature in beta or Dev versions. When it comes to their Chrome browser, they do it in the Chrome Dev version. It looks like they’re playing around now with a new kind of New Tab page and it is powered by Google Now.

When you go to the Chrome Dev version and open up a new tab, what you’ll see is your recent bookmarks and if you scroll down a bit or if you don’t have any content from bookmarks, you’ll see suggested news stories similar to what you see in your Google Now page. This means that if you’re searching for the most relevant news to you, based on what you like or are interested in, then all you have to do is open a new tab in Chrome Dev, and hopefully Chrome itself too someday, and you’ll be updated through the Google Now cards.

If you tried Chrome Dev and you don’t see this new option, you might have to toggle a flag to see it. It’s the “Show content snippets on the New Tab page” button. There are actually other options, like showing only content on most visited sites or using non-personalized data, which kinda defeats the purpose if you ask us. Since this is still a dev feature, there will probably be a few bugs here and there.

Screenshot 2016-08-19 09.20.51

To experience this new New Tab in Chrome feature, just go on and use the Chrome Dev version. You can also see it in the Chrome Beta version, but the bookmarks aren’t included and the source of the links aren’t that clear. So might as well use Chrome Dev to see it.

VIA: Android Police


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