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Google has once again updated the Chrome browser for Android as well as Mac, Windows, and Linux. One of the main features is “Touch to Search” that is now available to all. With this feature, you can discover more about words simply by touching them on the screen. It’s one cool feature that doesn’t require the user to type or use voice search. Just tap on a word or phrase and then search results would show up.

The updated Chrome browser also now features a Faster Checkout so you can securely and quickly finish checkout forms with data from your Google Wallet account. Of course, the speedy performance enhancements and bug fixes are included. Some Redditors even agreen that ‘Touch to Search’ is pretty slick. Also noted was the Now on Tap but it won’t be available yet until the Android M is released but we’re hoping it will come before the official release.

Google posted a partial list of changes in the log. They are as follows:

• ChromeVox focus handling more resilient
• additional check to ensure the document has focus when processing focus events
• Add FakeConnectivityChecker for use in tests
• Stop bookmark apps generating icons when larger icons are available
• Avoid warnings on win vs2015 in media
• Get rid of SetMultiInfo and some other variant-related functions
• Fix enhanced bookmark UI undo performance issue

VIA: Reddit

SOURCE: Chrome Releases

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