Having too many tabs open on your Chrome browser is not a unique thing anymore as most people do this (well, except if you’re really organized or something). Google is now making it easier for you to manage and even customize all the tabs that you have open or will open on your browser. It is also now easier to send links to and from your various devices. The address bar will also now help you get your answers easily without even having to open a web page.

To help you “keep tabs on your tabs”, Chrome on Android will now bring you a new grid layout so it will be easier to look at all your open tabs. You can also now group them accordingly by dragging one tab on top of another and then switching between them with a new tab switcher at the bottom of the screen. You can also now preview your open tabs by hovering over them with your cursor. Right now, you can only see the title page but soon you’ll also be able to see a thumbnail as well.

If you’re reading something on your phone and you want to continue reading on your desktop, later on, you can now use Chrome to send that tab to your other devices where you’re signed in. You can send it to your computer, phone, or tablet so you don’t need to email the link to yourself or use other third-party apps to save the link and then thoroughly forget to read it later on. You can also now customize the color scheme of your Chrome to match your mood or your color preference.

When you’re googling for answers, sometimes it’s easier if you already see the answer on the address bar instead of having to open a website or even look at your search results. Both desktop and Android versions of Chrome will now show answers on your address bar as you type your query. You will be able to see answers like results of sporting events, local weather updates, translation of words, and other not-so-complicated queries.

You can update your Chrome for Android to the latest version to enjoy these new features. Some of the features will take a few days or weeks to roll out but just make sure you’re sporting the latest version.