If you visit a lot of sites that have a lot of ads, it can sometimes ruin your browsing experience. And while we cannot totally remove all those ads since sites earn from them to be able to give us sorta free content, we look for solutions to minimize our encounter with them or at the very least, remove the annoying ones. If you use Chrome, the good news is that they will have their official ad blocker integrated into the browser by February 2018.

As we said, this ad blocker will not totally remove ads when you’re browsing. Instead, it will block those that are considered nuisance ads by the Coalition for Better Ads’ “Better Ads Experience Program.” For desktop, there are four kinds of ads that are flagged: pop-up ads, prestitial ads or ads that load before a website loads, auto-play videos with sound, and large sticky ads or those that go with you wherever you scroll on the page.

For mobile, there are eight kinds of ads classified under annoying or nuisance ads, including the four that are also for desktop. The other four are: flashing animated ads, postitial ads with countdowns, full-screen scrollover ads, and websites that have more than 30% ad density. If you see any of these kinds of ads, you can actually send a complaint to Google’s Ad Experience Report.

The Chrome ad blocker will go live on February 15, 2018. And any website that has been flagged to be in violation of the Better Ads Standards will be given 30 days to fix the issue. If they exceed that, they will have all ads blocked until they are able to fix those that have been flagged and then resubmit for approval.

VIA: SlashGear