Google has announced the latest new feature for Chrome. This one is called “Supervised Users” and for now it will be available by way of the beta channel. This one will be coming for those using a Chromebook as well as those using the Chrome browser on Windows, Mac or Linux. Basically, as the name would imply, this will allow the manager (parent) to create a restricted user profile.

This will essentially be a limited user account, think parental controls. The key here, this one will not require the user to have an email address to sign-in. More to the point though, this will allow the manager (parent) to monitor the browsing history and also block access to specific sites. On the flip side, the manager can also approve requests to grant access to blocked sites.

This setup will be accessible by surfing to The setup process will differ a bit depending on whether you are using a Chromebook or the Chrome browser, however Google has specifics detailed for both situations. As you will see in the above screen capture, that page offers a list of the supervised user accounts towards the left and once a specific user is highlighted — the right side of the page populates with the permissions and activity details.

At this time Google has “Supervised Users” marked as beta, however it will be open for those ready to begin using it. Google has said it will begin rolling out for those on the beta channel this week and otherwise, there hasn’t been any time estimate in terms of when it can be expected to leave beta. For now though, this should be of help to those looking to hand a Chromebook over to a child.

SOURCE: Google Chrome Blog