The latest update has arrived for Chrome OS, and in a bit of good news for those using a Chromebook — this update is for the stable channel. Google will have this particular update rolling out over the “next several days” and bringing things to Chrome OS version 34.0.1847.118 (with Platform version 5500.100.0). More important though — the new features.

Chrome OS users can expect several goodies this time around, one of which deals with window management. Users will notice a new side dock which will allow you to dock small windows and panels to the screen edges. And nicely, windows are all automatically managed using this mode.

Other highlights include Sticky Keys and an onscreen keyboard. The former means users will be able to perform keyboard shortcuts (or mouse+keyboard gestures) by pressing the keys in a particular sequence as opposed to simultaneously. The onscreen keyboard is just as the name would suggest — an onscreen keyboard. This comes complete with a top row, which means the device features such as volume are now available with the touch of a finger, or a pointing device such as a mouse.

Lastly, Google also mentioned how Google Drive offline backup is now turned on by default after the first login. We suspect many Chrome OS users will be happy for this change, but alas, should you not want Drive offline backup active — you now know to go ahead and turn it off manually. Once again, this update will be pushing to Chrome devices over the next few days.

SOURCE: Chrome Releases