Chrome OS Phone Hub

Over a year ago, we learned that Chrome OS would soon get Phone Hub with “task continuation” skills. The Chrome OS started working on Phone Hub to manage devices and notifications. Fast forward to several months later, we’re learning that Phone Hub for Chrome OS is finally being released to beta and dev channels. It’s not the final and public version yet but this is a good start. Google is determined to integrate cord hardware products like the Chromebook and Android phone with the Phone Hub. The goal is to improve the relationship between the two to allow consumers more efficiency, productivity, and reliability.

The Phone Hub was previously seen on the Canary and Dev channels but only as a a visual prototype. Interestingly, the early version was pulled out. It’s not clear why but at least we know the system isn’t fully ready yet. Updates are still being done.

So far, we know the Phone Hub received a newer UI. It has been redesigned with a much cleaner Phone HUB UI. You may also notice a new on-boarding experience when setting up a device with Chrome OS. It’s more engaging as the UI now shows first the benefits.

Why Phone Hub for Chrome OS

The update also brings a proof-of-concept notification system. It allows notification mirroring on your Chromebook. Just set up with the help of the “Set up” button you will see in the shelf widget. We’re also looking forward to that task continuation feature as mentioned before.

The interface appears to be simpler now yet still engaging. You can also view recent Chrome tabs on Phone Hub. Watch out for this Phone Hub to roll out slowly to Chrome OS 89 and 90. Google has been preparing for a bigger launch so let us wait and see. We know the features and enhancements aren’t final yet.