When tethering your WiFi capable devices to an Android smartphone, it’s usually to check email or other quick work. The last thing you want is for cumbersome tasks to draw you into a long tethering session, but Chromebooks sometimes do. With the latest Chrome OS Dev Channel update, though, that could change.

The latest Chrome OS update now identifies that the Chromebook you’re using has attached itself to a network that is using cellular data. Recognizing that you’re just trying to see a cat meme (or, you know, whatever you need to do urgently), your Chromebook won’t perform things like checking for updates. The device has been treating all networks equally, but this update changes that.

It’s a great little tweak from the Chrome team, too. With unlimited data slowly going the way of the dinosaur, we don’t really want to spend bandwidth searching for non-crucial updates. Chrome OS now recognizes the difference in networks, and will let you do what you need to do without getting in the way. Subtly brilliant, really.

When you find yourself on a proper WiFi network, your Chromebook will also recognize that, and perform those back-end services it needs to to keep you up to date. This is a nice addition for travellers who like to tether, but users are already calling for a toggle to this. It’s only in Dev channel, so it will take some time to reach most Chromebook users. We hope users get what they need by then.

Source: Chromium Review

Via: Francois Beaufort