We don’t like to say it but there are still places that have no or slow Internet connection. First World countries don’t have this problem but for those in emerging markets or Third World countries, poor connectivity is normal. It is definitely frustrating but there are simple solutions that can be applied. One simple way is web pages be optimized so they load faster than ever. There have been similar solutions like the AMP pages but not all websites we find on the web comply with such.

The Chrome group has recently introduced Chrome Lite Pages. These are lite pages of a website or page optimized to load faster than usual. You will see an indicator on the Chrome browser if the pay you are viewing is “Lite”. You can still switch to the original version if you want to see the full page as the dev or designer intended it to look.

Together with Data Saver, Chrome Lite Pages know when there is slow network or data. The next step then is to reduce data and make pages load faster. Developers can take advantage of this by implementing some changes and offering performance improvements.

Lite Pages result from built-in optimizations. Google servers improve loading depending on the region and how a page is written. More often than not, it can detect whether a connection is 2G or 3G. If a page will take more five seconds to load, then Chrome can apply the optimization.

All you need is Data Saver enabled from Settings. Chrome Lite pages on Android can be shown so more information will be presented even if there is a slow Internet connection.

SOURCE: Chromium Blog