Google‘s at it again this afternoon and they’ve just updated their popular Chrome Browser for Android. It’s one of our favorites, but could still use plenty of work. While today we aren’t getting new features, the guys from Mountain View have updated the app with bug fixes, stability fixes, and hope to improve performance across the board.

Thanks for basically zero details Google. The official changelog is about 10 words, and doesn’t mention anything specifically. Hopefully those “performance improvements” help scrolling and general usage because that’s still a big concern for some. Google’s recently promised a developer version, as well as the fact that they are working to make Chrome for Android as good as their desktop experience.

The update has already been released into the wild, and users can enjoy it as we speak. Here’s the official word right form Google in terms of “what’s new”. Yup, that’s all they gave us. One silly line without any real details.

This version update includes a number of stability fixes and performance improvements.

So far we’re noticing a pretty significant and actually noticeable improvement with general performance. That could also be a placebo effect but each update Chrome has slowly but surely got faster and more stable — so we’re expecting the same here. Sadly I still feel that scrolling could be improved, but that’s just me. Get the absolute latest Chrome for Android right now in the Google Play Store. Install it, then come back and let us know what you think or if it feels faster.