Today the Google Chrome for Android team pushed out a quick update that should make plenty of users happy. The update however, is essentially the same thing we saw a few weeks ago on the BETA version, which makes sense, and brings some much needed and requested features to the popular Android browser. The full changelog and download links are available below.

Today the Chrome Browser for Android was updated to the stable version 27 and with it comes a few features we’ve all been asking for forever, and something it should of had from the start. That is fullscreen browsing. Yup, you can now enable that option and the top omnibar will disappear. A simple swipe and it returns for easy navigation.

As you scroll down the search and top omnibar will disappear, simply swipe back towards the top and it reappears making things easy as can be. Why we didn’t have this months ago beats me, but at least we finally have it. They’ve also improved search and a few other items. Here’s the full changelog.

• Fullscreen on phones – Scroll to hide the toolbar
• Simplified search – View and refine your query directly in the omnibox
• Tab history on tablets – Long press the browser’s back button to view your tab history
• Several stability improvements

Google states they’ve simplified the search on Chrome for Android. Essentially this brings a better omnibar that doesn’t forget what you type in each time. You can quickly edit your search without starting over, just to name one. Then just like the BETA channel we now have tab history on Android tablets, as well as a slew of stability improvements and security patches.

As usual, Google recommends you download the latest version for the best experience, and we’d agree. Hit the Google Play Store link below and enjoy the latest Chrome for Android.

SOURCE: Play Store