The Chrome mobile browser for Android has just received another round of update. As usual, the rollout brings numerous enhancements that are said to reduce data usage and costs. You see, we already live in a modern, “wired” world but Internet connection is still not that reliable. In most parts of the globe, access is limited or may be slow.

Even if there are efforts to make 5G a reality, there are people having only 2G connections. To provide a solution, the Chrome developers are improving the mobile browser to make loading faster than ever. While website developers are being encouraged to AMP-lify their pages, the Chrome browser is also being improved so people can do more in less time.

Some additions to the browser for Android include the Data Saver feature that compresses text and images. The result is 60% of data are saved so you are charged less. It’s also possible on videos so whenever you are watching on YouTube or streaming content from a certain source, you can save about 67%. Feature is already available in India, allowing more people to save their previous data.

When it comes to downloading content, you can do so faster with the Chrome download button. Whenever you see the arrow down button, that means you can quickly get the web files and save for later to download automatically if Internet access is disconnected.

To make discovering new stuff faster and more efficient, the Chrome mobile browser also now features suggestions for sites to visit. This way, you can quickly see information or content that are relevant to you or are related to your recent searches.

SOURCE: Google Chrome Blog