After rolling out the updates to the desktop platforms, finally, version 65 of Chrome for Android is here. The update doesn’t have really anything major to add, unless you consider having easier access to languages, simplified menus, and downloads to be a major thing for your device’s browser. The update also has several new security and developer features which front-end users may not appreciate or understand but we all know that behind the scenes things like these are important.

As for the things that you do see, you now get a new languages menu in your settings. You can set the preferred language that you want the sites to display and you can arrange the priority of the languages. You also get a toggle so you can enable or disable translation of the page when it’s in another language that you may not understand.

In your accessibility settings, you can also now turn on the prompt so you can have a simplified view of websites or articles that support the format. It is also now easier to share and delete downloads, although the number of times you probably share what you download from your browser is not that high. But maybe you should delete some of that stuff to free up space in your mobile device.

The update will be rolling out to users over the next few weeks. If you want to check out the nitty gritty details of this update, including the security and developer features, you can check out the git log.

SOURCE: Google