Google has just rolled out a double release of the mobile version of its Chrome web browser. While the latest stable version of Chrome for Android contains a variety of stability and bug fixes, the improved Autofill form feature takes this release’ spotlight.

First and foremost, Chrome for Android, which is now updated to version 31.0.1650.59, is kept up to date with the latest Android version by adding printing support from the browser on Android 4.4 devices. While originally only available on the Nexus 5, Android 4.4 has started to roll out to the more recent Nexus devices. Google has even put up new factory images on its support page.

But the highlight for this release is the improvements to the Autofill system for forms. The Chrome web browser on the desktop is able to store information such as names and addresses that you use in forms, which is then synced to other Chrome browsers. It can even store credit card information, of course, at your discretion and risk. This feature is now snaking its way, slowly and surely, to Chrome for Android as well. This will make things like checking out items from online stores faster and easier, as you have less information to type in using virtual keyboards. At the moment, very few retailers use this on their mobile websites, but Google is working on quickly resolving that.

The latest stable Chrome for Android is now up on Google Play Store. Chrome Beta for Android users may already be enjoying these features, but Google also has a treat for them. There’s nothing major in the new 31.0.1650.60 version of the app, though, but the source code changelog is available for browsing for those interested.

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