If you happen to have an Android device running Chrome, you may want to head over to the Play Store and grab this latest update. The update is for Chrome 25, specifically for version 25.0.1364.123 and it has brought some new features along with some notable improvements on existing features.

Just to begin with, Chrome 25 for Android has arrived with improved scrolling performance and an increased responsiveness when it comes to pinch-zooming. The update also brought faster interactive pages (courtesy of the latest version of the V8 javascript engine) and expanded support for HTML5 features.

The other big addition is background audio. Simply put, Chrome for Android will now allow the audio to remain playing while the app is in the background. This one should be good for those who find themselves bored and needing to do something else while listening to audio. Google also noted that this release of Chrome brought “other important stability and performance fixes” as well as some minor user interface adjustments.

Chrome 25 for Android is currently available by way of the Google Play Store. Additionally, those looking to do a bit of playing and testing can also look for the Chrome Beta app. The Chrome Beta release will give you a look at the latest features before they come available in the stable build. Those interested can find the Chrome Beta release using this link.

[via Chrome Releases]