Ever since some apps and platforms started bringing a dark mode to their products, it seems like people are demanding for it even more. And developers are of course giving in to this clamor as we’re seeing updates that are bringing the dark mode to their respective apps. One of the apps that has received a lot of requests probably is Chrome for Android. And it looks like they’ll be getting their wish soon as as their source code management indicates that they are working on it and may be ready for testing soon.

Since the dark mode was spotted in Chrome Canary for Windows and Mac, the comments section was filled with people asking for it for the Android version. A new commit that was posted on the Gerrit source code management showed that they are working on a patch that will add a flag build and an experiment flag for this “dark mode experiment”.

However, since this is hidden behind a build flag, they won’t be able to try out this version anytime soon. Probably the only way you can see it is if you build Chromium from the source but that will probably be too much of a hassle just to be able to preview something that they will release anyway sometime in the future.

The upcoming Android Q is rumored to also be including a system-wide dark mode for your Android device so it’s not really surprising that Google will already be making available that option to some of their apps. Hopefully by the time either becomes available, people are still into that whole dark mode thing, which is good not just for their eyes but also for their sleep.

VIA: 9 to 5 Google