Today’s update to the stable version of Chrome for Android stands on the more whimsical side. Although the latest version brings more serious improvements, including some security fixes, one highlight of the release is the return of one of Google’s more entertaining art ventures: Google Doodles.

Doodles on Android aren’t exactly new. The mobile version of the Chrome browser actually already had that feature a while back but was quietly removed. In May, the beta version of Chrome for Android heralded the eventual return of the Doodle. That happens to day and Chrome users on Android will now be able to see the timely pieces of customized art whenever they open a new tab, whether they want to or not.

For some more serious business, Google has also hammered out text rendering so that even pages that are not optimized for mobile browsing won’t be a pain to read. And on the security side of the equation, the dev team have made sure that Chrome’s Omnibox, that text area where you enter and view web addresses and search terms, won’t be spoofed by innocent looking URLs that are really scams in disguise.

As with other Google app updates, the latest version of Chrome for Android will roll out shortly to users eventually. The most recent version has a build number 36.0.1985.122 so you can check later on if your Chrome is already on the latest stable release.

Download: Chrome for Android on Google Play Store
SOURCE: Google