If Chrome for Android is your default mobile web browser and you frequent several websites often, this latest update to the app would make life easier for you. Version 42 of Google’s browser brings a feature where you can opt to receive notifications when certain websites have updated their content. It also gives users the option to add certain websites to their homescreens, so they don’t need to keep typing the url on the address bar.

If you want to monitor certain websites for important updates, you’d want to know when they have added new content to their site or when they’ve changed something. Now site developers can actually use the new Push API of Chrome so that it will send notifications to users whenever they post something new. It will probably not be a good idea to add sites like Mashable or Huffington Post or Buzzfeed who constantly add articles every few hours or so (unless you really want to). But if you’re waiting for an all important update from a certain site, then if they have enabled this notification function, you will be able to get a notification if they’ve finally posted what you’re waiting for.

If you’re not using an RSS Feed or a news magazine app, then you can also use Chrome’s new function to make it easier to go to sites you frequent. You can add the website to your homescreen through a banner that will appear if Google notices you go to this site a lot. Developers need to meet certain eligibility requirements from Google to be able to use this new feature.

For the notifications from websites, users would need to grant “explicit permissions” to avoid complaints of too much notifications. Users will also be able to easily disable the notifications through a site settings button. Don’t be worried if you don’t see the update yet. It usually takes a few days to roll-out the updates. There’s an APK out there though, if you’re impatient.

VIA: Android Central