Google Chrome Beta Layout

Chrome has long been available over a decade ago. It started as a web browser and eventually found its way to mobile platforms. For one, the stable Chrome for Android was released only in 2012. Through the years, it has received numerous updates and new features. The last one we mentioned was that Chrome was working on a share sheet with QR code generator and a screenshot editor. That was after the “quieter” notification permissions UI, WebView issue being fixed, better password protection with improved features, and Google being able to identify fast and slow sites.

The next update will have the bottom bar interface looking more simple than ever. There are Chrome Beta and Dev versions that now only show three buttons. The mobile browser looks more minimalist.

The tech giant has been changing the layout of mobile Chrome and we don’t think it’s done. It once moved the app bar to the bottom. The address bar is still on top. The next change will the users a simple interface of having only three choices: back, tab switcher, and share.

Actually, you can choose what buttons you want to include at the bottom for your own use. You can choose from these 3-button layouts: Home-Search-Tab Switcher; Home-Search-Share; New Tab-Search-Share. At the moment, you may see different layouts on Chrome Dev and Chrome Beta.

The three-button layout looks clean but it can be limiting. It may be difficult to have only three because a user usually performs many different tasks on a browser. Three may not be enough. The update for Chrome is only ready for Beta, Dev, and Canary. No schedule of the stable release has been provided yet but it should be ready soon.


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