At one point or another, you have probably closed a tab on your browser that you didn’t mean to close. While you can of course retrieve it when you to your browser history. But wouldn’t it be more convenient if we can retrieve that closed tab or tabs just by a click on the current window? Well, it looks like Chrome Canary, the experimental version of Chrome for developers, is testing out a new feature that lets users see recently closed tabs in the tab search window.

According to Chrome Story, the latest version of Canary shows a new recently closed tabs list which you will be able to access from the tab search window. It’s actually in a tab search pop-out just under the list of the tabs that are currently open. So if you accidentally closed a tab or you were unable to save or bookmark something before you closed it, the links that you closed will be in that list. Although of course, it’s called “recently” so if you closed a tab a month ago, it probably won’t show up there.

This may not seem like a major new thing but making recently closed tabs more accessible, as compared to going to your history section, is always a good thing to have and improves the app’s usability. The tab search feature was released a few months ago with Chrome 88 and has been one of the more useful things that multi-taskers can use, especially if you have a lot of tabs open on your mobile device.

Since this feature is only on Canary for now, it means it’s still in the testing stages so it might take some time before it’s on the stable version. But Google recently said that they will be introducing new features in Chrome every four weeks as compared to the six weeks that they were doing so before. Hopefully this one makes the cut as it can be pretty useful for mobile users on the go that may have too many tabs open.

Meanwhile, there are also other things that Chrome is testing out, like the ability to reopen tab groups, the ability to hide the Reading List feature, defaulting to https when typing in URLs, etc. Let’s see which ones will be released in a few weeks.