If you want to experience upcoming features of the Chrome browser before they roll out to the stable version, Chrome Canary is the place to be. While it’s meant more for developers to see Alpha versions of these features, users who know their way around can also test out the features. There are two things now available in that version that you can check out. There’s the option to open the desktop versions of websites by default and there’s also a part where you can enable and disable the dark theme on a per-site basis.

MS Power User shares that soon Google will allow Chrome users to open the desktop versions of the websites they visit on their Android smartphones. Well actually the ability to open this has been there for some time now but what we’ll soon be getting is to have this setting by default. Currently, you’ll have to choose the desktop site version every time you go there so they’re working on a more convenient way to do this.

However, when you choose this option, all websites you visit will open the desktop version. Just like with a lot of Google’s options for its first-party apps, it’s all or nothing. There are only certain times when you need to use the desktop version like when filling up forms and submitting documents. But they are reportedly working on modifying this to allow users to make this a bit granular. A future update may let users open only specific sites in the desktop mode and not all the websites you visit.

Another thing Chrome Canary users can test out is the ability to choose which websites can go dark or not. Currently you can choose to use the dark mode of the Chrome browser but it will apply to all the sites. There are some websites that become unreaadable in dark mode so this option will come in handy. Enabling the “Darken websites” flag will let you configure the auto-dark options on the individual pages or websites.

Both of these features are only available on Chrome Canary for now. As with a lot of the things in this version, they do not work perfectly just yet and may be unstable. That’s when you need to give feedback to Google so they can fix things before rolling out to the stable version.


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