Google has recently rolled out the latest update for the Chrome web browser. Chrome 52 brings several enhancements but the most noticeable is that video playback on Android is smoother and faster. If you’re a frequent user of Chrome and watch videos directly from the web browser and not YouTube, you will feel that loading videos is more efficient now.

Google made some adjustments to the Chrome browser so every video is played smoothly and quickly. This change also results to less power consumption so you can extend your battery more than usual.

A smooth video viewing experience is desired but it’s not always possible. What with the size of the videos uploaded or embedded on popular websites like Facebook, YouTube, Netflix, or Amazon–that plus the number of viewers–it can be difficult to achieve a smooth playback all the time. With Chrome 52, you can view videos with power efficiency and speed.

Another change will be the Data Save Mode. Any video will work with this feature so mobile user can save about half of data that’s supposed to be used. The idea is for Chrome to load a lite version of a video. This will be useful as more developers and publishers are switching to HTML5.

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SOURCE: Google Chrome Blog