Among other things, Google has been busy working on the Chrome browser. A new version was recently unveiled by the tech giant promising improved and faster reloading of pages. Web browsers are essential in this mobile and Internet age and people want them to become faster and more efficient than ever. The company is already testing the improvements and before we know it, page reloading is much speedier and has lesser validation requests.

Performance issues are expected to be reduced or eliminated in some areas. The web platform may be changing radically the past decade but browsers remain almost the same but only snappier. Hopefully, webpages these days have fewer broken links and have very few bugs.

Making the Chrome browser faster also results to less consumption of power and bandwidth. According to the Chrome browser developers, reloading is faster by 28%. Those validation requests mentioned earlier were actually mostly from Chrome going to Facebook. The latter approached the Chrome team to report the issue and so the developers really have to make some changes.

Chrome promises faster reloads now. Others may not quickly notice the change but there will be improvements definitely. Here is a video showing the change in Chrome browser reloading of web pages:

SOURCE: Chromium Blog