Google Chrome Browser Scroll Anchoring

Mobile browshing is made easier by web browsers like Chrome for Android. There many mobile browser apps available but Google takes pride in Chrome as the fastest and safest loading today. However, just like any other browsers out there, it isn’t perfect. It will never be because developers will only continue to enhance such apps as users mature and grow in their demands.

Chrome is definitely useful but it has its quirks at times. Some of you may have experienced sudden jumps in Chrome that can be annoying. It’s a common occurence that needs to be solved and good thing Google devs have already looked into the issue and released an important fix.

With the update, you will no longer suddenly go to a different area on a page because of scroll anchoring. This new feature conveniently locks the content on the screen. This way, you are always on the same spot that you are reading. It’s something that we need especially when websites are laden with too much ads and images.

There is no guarantee yet that jumps may not happen in the future but at least they are lessened with the scroll anchoring compared to a browser without it. For web developers, check out this technical guide that will teach you how to prepare sites to minimize potential page issues.

SOURCE: Google (The Keyword)