For those who’ve opted to use the popular and always improving Chrome Browser for Android, their Beta version received another minor update last night that fixed some pesky bugs. The folks from Google have remained vigilant in finding and squashing bugs, and making Chrome the best browser for Android. Read on for the new changelog.

The update, just like last week and the week before, isn’t a biggie and doesn’t bring new features. Instead they are curbing little issues and bugs that burden the user and causes issues to the overall experience. One issue that I’m sure many of you have faced, one which has been very obnoxious is the “link redirect” issue.

Open a link from another app with Google Chrome Beta, and often they would fail to load or completely fail altogether. A simple reload worked sometimes, bot others it just didn’t even transfer over. Google’s fixed that thankfully. Not sure how something so major was overlooked, but it’s all good now. Google’s also fixed some random bug with NBCnews, for those who care.

Last but not least there was a few issues with their recent inclusion of fullscreen mode. According to the small changelog made available on the Chrome Blog they’ve fixed “Fullscreen tab cropped in tab switcher”. Where essentially it was being cropped out in the tab switcher. Again, it’s the little things folks. All about improving the overall experience and keeping things smooth and fluid. I’m still a fan of Chrome, but who still uses stock, or Dolphin?