When browsing via mobile, the experience can feel a bit sluggish compared to the desktop. Part of that had to do with a 300 millisecond delay on touch screen devices, which was there to watch for additional taps. With the update to Chrome Beta for Android, that’s no longer the case.

While it sounds sublime — a faster browsing experience is never wrong, right? — it does take more than just surfing the web. To start, a website has to be optimized for mobile. While that should be done anyway, considering the mobile world we live in, it’s not always the case. In that regard, don’t look for this to be something widely noticeable just yet.

When a page is optimized, though, look out. As the video below demonstrates, getting to mach 5 via a mobile browser can be attained. Via a simple website, obviously optimized for mobile, Google’s Jake Archibald shows the potential speed gains, and they are impressive. It also shows that while a 300 millisecond delay doesn’t sound like much, it adds up over time.

As we mentioned, this isn’t widely noticeable just yet, but shows the potential of web browsing. Like any Chrome Beta update, those who have it will love what it brings to the table. Unlike some other Chrome Beta updates, this one relies on the rest of the world to catch up. We hope they do, and soon.