Google has rolled out a new beta version of Chrome for Android, bringing with it both functional and visual improvements. The new simplified sign-in system means you won’t have to repeatedly enter your username and password when in Google territory and the slight facelift heralds the arrival of Material Design on the browser.

The new sign in feature is very simple and practically associates your device’s Google account with Chrome. Simply go to Settings and select Sign in to Chrome and you’ll never have to sign in to any Google website you go to ever again. This reduces the potential for errors when entering passwords, but could also mean easy access to your Google account for anyone currently holding the device. This system works even if you have multiple Google accounts on your device, with each of those getting signed in to Chrome automatically. Google isn’t saying if it works for third-party sites that utilize Google logins as well.


Google has started applying the tenets of Material Design to non-Android L apps, starting with Google Play Store this week. But like Play Store, it isn’t yet a total overhaul and changes are being applied piecemeal. The most notable difference in Chrome is the flatness of the tab decorations and icons, in line with Material’s aesthetics. We expect to see more such changes rolling out eventually to other Google apps as well.


The latest Chrome Beta for Android has been uploaded to Google Play Store and should be rolling out to users, though again, not all at once. Users of the stable version, however, might have to sit and wait for a while, as it usually takes a couple of Beta releases before those features trickle down to the final Chrome version.

SOURCE: Google