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The last Chrome browser update we featured was when it was made available on Daydream to let you browse in VR. Chrome 67 was released back in June, making us say the browser may be replacing everything. This was after Chrome 67 Beta delivered support for web AR/VR APIs and added emoji shortcuts. If you may remember, Chrome for Android was also updated to bring languages menu and a simplified views option. Google has actually rolled out a bunch of updates for the web browser including its cleaning up of URLs if you share them through share menu and blocking of ads on sites that violate Better Ads Standards.

Another round of update is available. Chrome 68 (68.0.3440.91) is now ready for Android. You will be able to get the build on the Play Store. As with previous versions, this one includes crash fixes for some CPU issues.

The latest version adds performance and stability improvements. This Chrome 68 is ready with Display Size setting and accessibility enhancements. It also adds more Material 2.0 elements to the user interface. When it comes to security, Certificate Transparency policy is enforced. HTTP sites are also now marked “Not secure” on this new Chrome version.

Material 2.0 is now evident in some areas like dialog boxes and bubbles. If you’re familiar with the Overview/multitasking screen, you may see it refreshed visually with changes to the zooming in and out motion of windows.

The Display Size setting is new here, allowing you to increase display-zoom of the display. You will see a new slider (Tiny to Huge) that takes note of the percentage. Under the ‘Displays’ menu, ‘Resolution’ has been replaced. Feel free to “make items on the screen smaller or larger” with the ‘Looks like’ resolution. You may also adjust the refresh rate of external displays as needed.

Download Google Chrome from the Google Play Store

SOURCE: Chrome Releases


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