So with Chrome 52 nearly done rolling out to all platforms – that means bringing Material Design in its wake, even to macOS – it’s no surprise that Chrome version 53 is now queuing in the Chrome for Android Beta channel. And there are a few new goodies included in Chrome 53 that might you’re your browsing experience a whole lot better.

At the top of the new feature list is the PaymentsRequest API for the browser that was announced at this year’s Google I/O. This new API, now working on Chrome 53 Beta, will allow for fast, seamless, and secure payments directly from your browser a credit card or Android Pay. Sites can now take advantage of this API so that they can have an easy payment flow feature, with a look and feel that is native to Google Chrome, with multiple payment options, and secure verification.


The API will store the Chrome user’s billing address, shipping details, and payer information for easier and quicker purchasing the next time around, and all of this is done through the user’s Google account. E-commerce sites can now start supporting the API, with Chrome 53 for Android being the first to roll this out.

Other new features include autoplaying of muted video on Chrome, and websites will now be able to send uniquely badged notifications to the Android status bar, rather than a generic Chrome badge on any notification that comes from Chrome. Pretty cool, right?

SOURCE: Chrome